Isolation-Personal Narrative

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I love it here in Nevada. I knew what I was getting into after my first visit. So none of this is a surprise. Remember I was excited when I saw the brother in dreads. By the way his name is Frank. While I’m here I don’t see me doing a lot of networking outside of the project. I’m very certain this is part of God’s plan. This is my season for isolation and reflection. There aren’t really any distractions here and I know God placed me here for that reason. Usually when I have had these moments in the past I came out of it with some life changing strategies. That wouldn’t have happened if I were in NYC, Atl, or even back home in Houston. I’m embracing this opportunity understanding it’s part of my growth and on the other side I will come out this new person. And I’m sure that there’s no super-secret group here. Now there are some very wealthy people in this area especially in the Lake Tahoe area. So you never know who you’re going to meet, but there aren’t enough black people to even have a small MLK parade.…show more content…
I gave it a good try but it’s not for me. It’s interesting right before I left Houston to come up here I went out with a young lady I met a few months back. Initially I didn’t think she was my type. However, we reconnected after I sent out an invite to the networking event I had right before I left town. She couldn’t make it but I decided to ask her out. She said yes. We had a great time, to my surprise. That’s when I realized online dating isn’t the route I want to take. I think I’m better going the traditional route. I’m glad I did try eHarmony. Since it didn’t produce the results I was looking for it caused me to get out of my comfort zone and approach someone. In the end eHarmony was a blessing in
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