Isolation and Emptiness Illustrated in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Berriault's The Stone Boy

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Nowadays, many well-known stories have touched the theme of isolation as it becomes the most prevalent problem that can not be easily resolved in people’s lives. As a matter of fact, both “Macbeth” by Shakespeare and “The Stone Boy” by Gina Berriault deal to some degree with the theme of isolation and emptiness. In “Macbeth” and “The Stone Boy”, Lady Macbeth and Arnold feel isolated because of the situation that does not give them the closeness they want, and they end up being not involved in the relationship they would like with their families even when reaches the very end of the story. In fact, isolation forms many kinds of modalities of people, which means it forms different states of the feelings of Arnold and Lady …show more content…
He had come to clasp her in his arms and pommel her breasts with his head, griering with her for Eugie. He put his hand on the knob.” Nonetheless, after he is refused badly and atrociously by his mother, he turns out to be cold blood, which is what his family always views him as. There is a conversation at the end of the story, “What’d you want?” She asked humbly. “I didn’t want anything.” He said flatly. Then he went out the door and down the back steps, frightened by his answer. From this quote, we realize that Arnold is even shocked by his own insensibility. In “The Stone Boy”, Arnold learned to hide his feelings and thoughts in order to protect himself from the situation of being isolated. Furthermore, Arnold is a strong character in this story. Even though he is being misinterpreted many times by many people around him, he still keeps himself strong and staunch. It can be said that he is not beaten by the isolation. In addition, there is very few describing of Arnold’s inner world so that readers can not tell what he actually feels and thinks. We can only tell that he is strong through his reactions. For instance, he pretends to have no emotions on anything, and he tries not to be conspicuous after that accident. He is desperate for being the son that his family still knows about. Thus, there is a lack of description of Arnold’s inner heart when he is being isolated by his
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