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Isolation in A Rose for Emily The year is 1852, Emily Grierson has just been born into the small town of Jefferson. A town she will soon discover has distinct hierarchial differences and social classes that are to be followed by everyone in her community. However this same community and the values which it holds will eventually be a key factor in determining Miss Emily's madness. "A Rose for Emily", tells the story of a woman who fails to live up to her high reputation and fitting in a community where almost everyone knows each others business. William Faulkner lets the reader into the life of Emily Grierson from two different key perspectives, man and woman. The men represent respectful affection towards Emily, while the women …show more content…
Although Emily is the main subject of the tale, Faulkner's description of the community's reaction toward her funeral, elevates the town as the truer subject. Also after reading this passage we are shown for the first time that Emily is viewed in the community as an object, a monument perhaps and this is where her person hood is lost. The town almost refers to her as a thing instead of as an individual. Another example, that shows Miss Emily as something other than human comes in the third paragraph as she is described as "a tradition, a duty, and a care".
Usually when people know they are being watched or spied upon they often feel that their privacy has been invaded, which was the case of Miss Grierson. The townspeople always seemed to know of her whereabouts, who she was seeing and even the smell that ensued from her house. Passage after passage as the narrator reports of what is happening in Miss Emily's life, the reader gets the feeling she is being watched like a hungry shark. It's almost as if the townspeople take turns making note of her every move. For example, when Miss Emily's cousins were in town, Faulkner writes, "we sat back to watch developments" (pg.56). It seems even store owners take note of her business. "We learned that Miss Emily had been to the jeweller and ordered a man's toilet set in silver, with the letters H.B. on each piece" (pg.56). They even make sure they know what she's up to on a daily basis, "Two

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