Isolation in Frankenstein

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Isolation is something that everybody experiences at some point in his or her life. There are many different types of alienation and there are many different things that can cause someone to be solitary or lonely. Some people choose to be alone simply because they like to reflect on thoughts and their lives, while some people end up alone even if they don’t want to be. Isolation affects individuals in many different ways and can have many different effects and outcomes on a person, such as depression and loneliness. This is shown in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” through the monster, Victor Frankenstein, and Robert Walton. Mary Shelley often uses the narrative style of writing to show the
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This shows that Victor even knows that he will not be happy while he is isolated, but he plans to return to the things that make him happy when he is finished with his work. In this novel, we see that community is an essential part to being happy in life. Community with other people is something that every human has, but sometimes people get rejected from society, or they choose to not be a part of society. In both cases, we see in Frankenstein, that they have negative outcomes and only make it harder for the individual to be happy. “All the creature wants is to be loved, but after many attempts to fit into society, it realizes that it will never be accepted by humans” (Brannstrom, 11). We see that monster that he has been rejected so many times from society to the point where he gives up on trying to be accepted and falls into a life of misery. This shows that us that when people want to be accepted, but they aren’t, they become depressed and miserable. Both Robert Walton and Victor Frankenstein choose to be isolated because they would rather try and quench their thirst for adventure and knowledge. Walton shows how passionate his lust for knowledge is when he says: “There is a love for the marvelous, a belief in the marvelous, intertwined in all my projects, which hurries me out of the common pathways of men, even to the wild sea and unvisited regions I am about to explore” (Shelley, 20). This lust is the main reason why Walton is
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