Essay about Isolation of Components of Bc Powder

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! Isolation of the Components of BC Powder Introduction Aspirin, Caffeine and Salicylamide were extracted from an over-the-counter pain reliever (BC Powder). These components were separated by manipulating their solubilities by adjusting the acidity and basicity of the solution. By doing this, the three components were forced into conjugate acid (or base) forms, causing selective solubility in either an aqueous or organic solvent. These layers were then separated by use of a separation funnel. Once separated, the components extracted were characterized by measuring the melting point and performing a TLC analysis. Also, the recovered aspirin from the first part of the experiment was recrystallized and compared to that of the…show more content…
After each of the solids were completely dry, each was placed into a MelTemp device. The temperature at which each solid began to melt and completed melting was recorded. From the vial labeled “AE,” aspirin (0.533 g) was placed into a 50 mL Erlenmeyer flask with a boiling stick. Toluene (20 mL) was brought to a boil on a hot plate. The boiling toluene (10 mL) was then added to the aspirin until the solid dissolved completely. After allowing the solution to reach room temperature, the solution was placed in an ice bath for 16 minutes. After the crystals had formed, they were collected by vacuum filtration and weighed. A small amount of the crystals were no weighed due to a lack of toluene with which to rinse the 50 mL Erlenmeyer flask of the last of the crystals. Results: Percent Recovery of Components Compound Aspirin Caffeine Salicylamide Actual Mass (g) 0.671 0.052 0.283 Expected Mass (g) 1.300 0.0666 0.390 Percent Yeild (%) 52% 78% 73% Melting Point Data Table Compound Aspirin Caffeine Salicylamide Actual MP (ºC) 93 - 98 260 - 262 96 - 102 Expected MP (ºC) 135 236 140 Percent Error (%) ~30% ~12% ~30% Aspirin Recrysalization Data Table Actual Mass (g) 0.41 Actual MP (ºC) 123-125 Expected Mass (g) 0.533 Expected MP (ºC) 135 Percent Recovery 77% Percent Error 8% TLC Analysis Data Table Compound Std. Aspirin Std. Caffeine Rf values 0.38 0.65 Error ---~ 0% 29% 5% Std. Salicylamide 0.73 Organic Acidic Basic 0.69 0.46 0.38
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