Isolation of the Major Component of Clove Oil

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Experiment 7- Isolation of the Major Component of Clove Oil Pre-Lab Questions: 1.) Briefly explain the concept of steam distillation. What is the difference between a simple distillation and a steam distillation? When a mixture of two immiscible liquids are distilled it is referred to as codistillation. This process is referred to as steam distillation when one of the liquids is water. This distillation is used to separate organic liquids from natural products and reaction mixtures in which the final product results in high boiling residues such as tars, inorganic salts, and other relatively involatile components. It is useful in isolating volatile oils from various parts of plants and not useful in the final purification of a…show more content…
Weigh them in a tared weighing dish. My partner ground the cloves the amount of cloves we had was 5.03 grams. 2.) Assemble an apparatus for steam distillation using a large (250-500ml) boiling flask and a steam trap, and have your instructor check your apparatus. Apparatus was successfully assembled. 3.) Combine the ground cloves with 50ml of water in the boiling flask then; steam distill the mixture to obtain the clove oil. Continue the distillation until a drop or two of the emerging distillate, collected on a watch glass, is odorless and water-clear; with no oily droplets. 150ml might need to be distilled before it becomes clear. Vent the steam line or raise the steam inlet tube above the liquid level in the boiling flask before you turn off the steam. Took about 20-30 minutes for emerging distillate to drop on watchglass and first few drops seemed clear. But we went ahead and placed a flask and started collected liquid because the process of distilling 150ml of fluid was taking quite some time. A sufficient amount of fluid was collected and checked by Professor. Extraction of Clove Oil After Distillation 1.) Transfer the distillate to separatory funnel. Fluid didn’t seem very clear but sufficient to finish our lab on time. 2.) Add 20ml of dichloromethane, gently shake to extract, be sure to vent by opening the stop-cock. First extraction successful. 3.) Let
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