Isolationism In 1984

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Throughout the countless eons of human civilization, the desire for ultimate power and control over resources, people, and/or general geographical areas is very prevalent. This authoritarian mindset resonates with the high class of past peoples and that of the three countries in 1984 by George Orwell. The Party preserves itself by the ultimate interventional espionage of one’s own people and criminalized animalistic instincts. The Party also isolates the people from those of the other two countries as to prevent dissidence amongst the poles. Naturally, this suppression of deep-rooted characteristics proves to spawn a variety of incidents for the Party and the people. First of all, the Party in Oceania strives to control every aspect of its subject’s lives and thoughts. It is very apparent by the use of doublethink and the perpetual forced viewpoints and ideology of the Party into its members. The Party has absolute control over the people for they “... control matter because we control the mind” (Orwell, 265). This gives way to causing Winston a great deal of problems for he believes he can rise against the Party, but in fact it only…show more content…
By having a state of constant war and no exchange of peoples, no citizen ever gazes upon the life of another country’s citizen for if one were to, “ he would discover that they are creatures similar to him and that most of what he has been told about them is lies” ( Orwell, 196). This falsehood makes dissident amongst the proles impossible to increase, so the standard of living doesn’t increase because the war consumes all luxuries and does not allow unity between different populations. This in turn also increases war fever and general willingness to forfeit freedoms in hope of winning a war. A similar occurrence in modern day is that of the War on Terror which allows a more powerful few who run the
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