Isopropyl Alcohol

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FAQ Cleaners galore! Dissolve windshield frost – We’ve already discussed this. It’s an early wintry morning god-send! Keep it in the trunk, it won’t freeze! Keep windows frost-free – If you want to do a little frost prevention, wash them with a 1/2 cup Isocol mixed with 1 quart water. The next time the temperatures dip you shouldn’t have to do ANYTHING! Hairspray remover – If your bathroom mirror and countertops get covered with hairspray, like mine do, a quick wipe with some Isocol will remove it and leave them sparkling clean. Window cleaner – to make your own, mix 1/4 cup Isocol, 2 tablespoons ammonia, 3 1/2 cups water and a drop of dish soap. Granite cleaner – Vinegar and other acidic cleaners corrode granite, so use alcohol…show more content…
Deodorant – In a pinch, you can use Isocol instead of deodorant. Add 15 drops of essential oil to a fine-mist spray bottle filled with Isocol. Just make sure you don’t apply it immediately after shaving! ouch! Nail fungus – Soaking your hands or feet in a tub filled water and Isocol can help get rid of bacterial growth under nails. Do this daily until fungus vanishes. Nail polish remover – Isocol can substitute for nail polish remover and clean the backs of pierced earrings as well. Makeup Brushes – to sanitize your brushes, soak soak them in alcohol for 30 minutes and allow them to air dry. Repeat every month. Prevent sweat stains – Sweat stains are often found on shirt collars (ring around the collar), armpits, inner elbows and knees. To prevent these stains, wipe skin with Isocol before dressing. It works like a natural antiperspirant. Make a shapeable ice pack – Mix 1 part Isocol with 3 parts water in a plastic zipper bag. The Isocol prevents the bag from freezing solid. Head lice treatment – Dip your comb in Isocol each time you use it through your hair. Or you can simply apply some to your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. The results are instant. Earwax removal – If you have trouble with excessive accumulation of earwax, mix equal parts Isocol with vinegar, and dab into your ear with a cotton swab. This solution will dissolve the wax. Clean with a soft cloth. Reduce swelling – Isocol can help soothe and reduce swelling. It helps bring blood to the

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