Isp Case Study Pa

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SC called Pa and spoke to Pa. Pa reported that she is receiving services as outlined in the ISP. Pa stated that she is please with her services and feels that they meet her current needs. Pa reported that she is schedule to have surgery two weeks from now to remove two hernias from her stomach. She also, reported several medication changes. No falls, ER visit, hospitalization was reported by Pa. SC informed the CG that Pa is up for a home visit in January, 2016 and then SC will assess Pa for the increase and submitted it for review. CG ok with waiting until SC visits in 01/2016. Pa confirmed that he is receiving services as indicated in the ISP in the following type, scope, amount, frequency and duration: Pa receives 4 hrs x 7 days via PPL consumer…show more content…
PAS provides assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, emptying the commode; medication set up, meal prep, laundry, light housekeeping and shopping, escorts to medical appts, assistance with setting up transportation and arranging medical rides, emptying and changing colostomy bad, glucose monitoring and wound care. The SC discussed Self-Directed service compared to Agency Model PAS service, and Pa declined as she reports that she prefers Being to the director of her own care. SC explained to Pa that whichever model she chose to use and as long as she is cognitively intact she will remain the director of her own care. SC will also discuss Pa confirmed that there is no duplication of services. Waiver is the payer of last resort for services. Pa reported informal remains supportive, back-up plan is, and has not been utilized.
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