Ispeed 70 Oz Sport Hydration Pack Review Essay

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Ispeed 70 oz Sport Hydration Pack ReviewCLOSE September 6, 2015Hiking HydrationHomeHydration PacksIspeed 70 oz Sport Hydration Pack Review | Rating 3.9 out of...Apr 22, 20150 5The Ispeed 70 oz Sport hydration pack has a nice weight distribution making it comfortable to haul on an adventure — whether this might be cycling or hiking. The reservoir opening is in the region of 1.75 inch so easy to quickly refill when needed. There is a rear shut-off value that can feel quite tight and relies on a lot of pressure to get it working. Water taste is quite pleasant. I just rinsed out the pack before using and I didn’t really notice any of the plastic taste that usually comes with these bladders.…show more content…
All in all, a great product for the price and would happily recommend it to those in the market for a tough and reliable hydration pack.Click here to get more information on the Ispeed 70 oz Sport Hydration Pack or buy it at Amazon.comReview overview Ispeed 70 oz SportSummary I found this to be a great little hydration pack. I have used a variety of different packs and brands over the years, and this is a quite nice example of what a hydration pack should be at the more affordable end of the
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