Israel And Palestine Conflict Between Palestine And Israel

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Since 1967 the borders between Palestine and Israel have been unfair. The Israeli people have taken a majority of the Palestinians land. This had caused conflict between these two territories for years. The Israel and Palestine conflict has been going on for many decades and nothing seems to be able to solve this issue. All because the Israeli government is very stubborn. They are not willing to make a compromise in this situation. The main issues between the Palestinians and the Israelites are; Israel has been unfair to the Palestinians and have taken the land which used to be their own. Not only has Israel created unfair boundaries but, they are also reluctant to let outsiders into Jerusalem. A place that is not only religiously important to the Jews but also to the Arabs. And above all of that Palestinian people feel as if they have to live in fear from the Israeli people. Israel militia has shot at mothers and children. These problems are still prevalent today; if we can solve the unfair borders, Jerusalem, and security we could have a safer Middle East. Before 1947 Palestine owned all of Israel including , the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Israel. But in 1947 that all changed when the United Nations divided up the land. They gave “55 percent of Palestine to a Jewish state.” - Negotiations Affairs Department. When only one third of the population was Jewish. After these events the Jews wanted even more land and eventually Israel became about. Israel had “control over
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