Israel Cultural Analysis Essays

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The purpose of this memo is to investigate the similarities and differences between the United States and Israel’s cultural and business aspects. Differences Between the United States and Israel Primary cultural aspects of the United States The United States still has the idea of Manifest Destiny. The U.S. individualism; Individuals believe to have a control of the future, resulting in a systematic way of doing things. It is very important to be on time to any kind of meeting or event –Time is money ("Usa- language, culture,," ). Hard work and efficiency are also engraved in the U.S. culture. It is believed that with hard work one will accomplish their goals and objectives. The United States is very diverse and has a lot of…show more content…
This is an advantage, because it leaves little room for misunderstanding therefore becoming very effective. Israel is a country that is very open to entrepreneurship; this means that they will most likely be open to hear new ideas for products or businesses. Israel has a pretty strong economy and stable political system; this is also a strength when doing business in a foreign country. One of the weaknesses is that businesspeople from the United States might not share the same views on certain aspects (such as the role of women), and this may cause some conflict. However, overall women in Israel do hold important positions and roles that are also carried by men (Salk, 2005). Another thing to keep in mind when doing business with Israel is that religion plays an important role in their life. When taking potential clients or partners to dinners there are certain things to keep in mind such as whether they do not eat certain things or they only eat kosher foods, etc. Not having these things in mind can cause a bad impression making the lack of knowledge a weakness for the partnership.
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