Israel Geography

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The area of Israel is approximately 22.1 m2, 97 percent of which is a land area. It is about 470 kilometres long and 135 kilometres wide in the widest point of the country. (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

It is surrounded on the south by the Sinai Peninsula, on the east by the Mediterranean Sea and on the west by the Dead Sea. It has borders with Lebanon on the north, Syria on the northeast, Jordan on the east, Egypt on the southwest and the Mediterranean Sea on the west. (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Due to its small size, the different types of landscape are located very close to each other. Israel could be subdivided into four geographical regions: three strips running north to south and an extensive area with mostly
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The Golan Heights in the northeast, which were in the distant past formed by volcanic eruptions, appear as sharp cliffs overlooking the Hula Valley. They are considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of Israel. The hills of Galilee that are mostly consisting of limestone and dolomite are one of Israelis main tourist centres. Agriculture, tourism and light industry are the most common means of livelihood in these regions. (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


Climate in Israel is partly temperate and partly tropical, with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Six months long rainy winter period, which lasts from November to May and six months long dry summer are the prevailing seasons. Most areas suffer from a lack of rainfall, but quite large amounts of rainfall occur on the north and in the centre of the country. (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Climatic conditions are changing a lot depending on the type of landscape. There are humid summers and moderate winters near the sea, dry summers and cool winters in the mountain areas (including Jerusalem), tropical summers and mild winters in the Jordan Valley and very hot desert climate in the Negev throughout the year. At higher altitudes, there can be occasional snowfalls in the winter season and very hot dry winds in spring and autumn. (Israel Ministry of Foreign
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