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In the absence of peace, there is conflict. This might lead to war between countries if conflict is not handled carefully. Today it is almost a norm to see countries engaging others in war. Today the greatest problem facing many nations is international relation. Countries have failed to live like decent neighbors. There is disunity among many nations. War between nations is caused by mistrust and tension. Nations purchase arms to stock their armory. Major inventions are made daily in out on nuclear power and how to develop sophiscated weapons. This tries to explain the fact that countries are always in mistrust of each other. It also explains that there is constant tension between countries that one
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As times progressed there was an uprising in Lebanon as the Palestinian opposed Israel rule, In 1978 Palestine attacked Hezbollah. Israel felt invaded and led an offensive attack o Lebanon. Israel attacked Lebanon and went as far as capturing Beirut. The prime target was to bomb Yasser Arafat locations. During this invasion, Israel declared southern Lebanon as a security zone. During these attacks, there were deaths on both sides. The greatest casualties were the children. Israel came to withdraw its security forces from southern Lebanon in May 2000. Another serious crisis came to be in 1980s. This was the intifada. A group of young Palestinians confronted Israeli troops with sling shots and stones. The outcome was not acceptable and many of the youth were shot dead. To lay an offensive attack, the Palestinians used suicide bombers to kill the Israeli troops. Many innocent civilians were killed from both sides.
In 1993 the Oslo peace accord was made. In this accord Israel accepted to recognize the Palestinian liberal organisation (PLO). They were also to give the PLO limited autonomy. The conditions were that PLO were to end a Palestinian claims on Israel territory. The accord was met with different reaction across the world. It was seen as a one sided accord which favored only the Israelites. The accord gave Israel the control of land, water, roads and other resources. This accord was seen as only
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