Israel Religious Conflict

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Do you know what Israel religious conflict is? Well economically countries in Israel have been slow moving for centuries. Although Arab countries have some of the world’s richest resources, they haven’t been able to use their richest resources to gain financial power. This has hurt the development of Arab countries and fails to move forward as a society. All across the world the technology has been advancing between the western world and Islamic countries. Acts of terrorism have caused radical Islamic factions within Arab countries. In the face of vast difference between the Western civilization and the Arab culture, radical Islamic factions within Arab countries have developed a new religious philosophy for the destruction of the Western culture…show more content…
Israel’s has a population of 79.9 percent Judaism, 17.5 percent Islam, 2 percent Christianity, 1.6 percent Druze’s and 4 percent unknown. Israel does not have a basic principle or way of doing thing, but freedom of religion is anchored in law. Israel’s religious conflicts are largely spread over land; religious groups play several rolls in the ongoing crisis. In the 7th century the Islam and Jewish relations started. The two religions share similar guidelines, principles, and values. Christianity and Islam are two of the greatly recognized religions because Christianity is practiced by more the 161,000 Israeli citizens. Druze and Islam are two of the small unique religious minority groups of Arab descent located in Israel. Religions in Israel are a central feature of the country and the great life style they have come to…show more content…
The United States is today one of Israel closest allies, they have looked to the United states for many of things. For many many years Israel has relied on the United States for political inspiration. Germany and Israel’s relationship started in the past world war two eras. Germany (unlike other countries in Arab) helped Israel by providing them with the thing they need. Since 1992 India and Israel relationship has grown in many different ways. Both India and Israel are threatened by their neighboring countries, which is another reason why they or allies. All of Israel and Israel’s allies have something in common. United States shared values with Israel are finical and military assistance, and diplomatic support. Germany is now one of Israel’s reliable allies; Germany helps Israel with railways, roads, and public buildings. India and Israel have grown in economic, military, agricultural and political levels. Israel has suffered in many ways because of the Arab countries terrorism to their country, but Israel also terrorized the Arab nations. In conclusion The Arab-Israel conflict still continues
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