Israel and Terrorism Essay

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Introduction: The Conflict, Cause for Optimism, and Skepticism

Over the past 55 years conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has led to three wars, years of terrorism, and decades of poverty and displacement resulting in thousands upon thousands of deaths among both peoples. Despite the conflict, Israel has managed to develop its economy thanks in large part to generous foreign aid. Palestinians, however, have largely been living in poverty, under the rule of a corrupt government and in fear of Israeli strength. These harsh conditions have no doubt exacerbated the conflict sparked by the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

The establishment of a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel is supported by many world
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This incitement has largely led Palestinians to hate Jews for religious, racist and social reasons, as opposed to feeling anger because of political grievances. The PA has also educated its people, regarding the conflict with Israel, that the state of Israel is evil, vicious, and aggressive and that they are required by Allah to fight the Israelis through any means possible until Israel is gone. Finally, the PA has glorified terrorists and terrorism throughout its culture as noble and heroic. The combination of these three forms of education has created a culture among Palestinians that has harmed and continues to harm the prospects for progress toward peace.

I will argue first that PA allegations that Jews are subhuman and enemies of Muslims lead to a culture of hatred and violence that conflicts with the development of a two-state solution. Second, the PA education regarding the illegitimacy, aggression and brutality of the state of Israel makes it even less likely that Palestinians will accept its continued existence. Third I will argue that PA incitement to and glorification of suicide terrorism adds further to the difficulty of getting Palestinians to seek and support a peaceful coexistence. Finally, I will offer suggestions for what changes need to be made by both Israel and the PA to foster change in Palestinian society and begin planting the seeds of peace
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