Israel has a Failed State Index Score Due to the West Bank Essay

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According to the US-based Failed States Index (FSI), Israel ranks number 67 and is in greater danger of becoming a failed state than the likes of Congo, Cuba and Jordan. Despite Israel’s booming economy, high life expectancy and low unemployment, part of the explanation for its low FSI ranking is the West Bank. According to the Fund for Peace’s methodology, Israel/West Bank is considered one entity when determining its Failed States Index score. The issues Israel/ West Bank scored highest on the FIS were; external intervention (8), factionalized elites (8), human rights (8), group grievance (9.3), and refugees (8). Other sources of Israel's instability stems from the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, inequality, internal breakdown and
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In response to attacks Israel began building the anti-terrorism fence to stop West Bank terrorists from killing Israeli citizens. Whatever analysis is put on the history, there can be no disputing that the Palestinian Territories (Gaza and the West Bank) have been occupied by Israel since the Six Day War and that this occupation has had profound implications for the development of the two occupied territories. The opposing sides have been in an almost continuous state of armed conflict. The longer the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continue, the weaker Israel as a modern state will become.
Regional Implications from Israel’s Instability
The West Bank continues to remain an occupied territory with Israel being the occupying power. Israel's policies in the West Bank have displaced a million Palestinians, forcing them into refugee status which in turn has led to a refugee influx in neighboring country, Jordan. Palestinian existence in the West Bank is being increasingly confined to ghettos cut off from farmland, schools, medical care and from other Palestinians. Some would argue that Israel's aggressive policies against Palestinians provoke terror attacks on Israeli citizens. The resort to terrorist acts by Palestinians, especially suicide bombings in crowded public places, has caused them to lose much of the international sympathy their cause would otherwise benefit from. Similarly, the cruelties of Israelis to the Palestinians, especially in the ongoing siege of Gaza,
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