Israel 's Invasion Of Lebanon

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Israel’s 1982 invasion into Lebanon brought down the phase of Lebanon’s political history, which started with the 75-56 war. The civil war made a mark of trends that has been rising since 1958.

The civil war of 1975-96 had the Lebanese front against the Lebanese’s national movement, which were a reformist coalition and the Palestinian allies. The heart of the issue in this war was the change in political circumstances in Lebanon. The political aspect and the economy were run by French mandates. The government split each section’s part of Lebanese seats and service positions. A Maronite Christian would hold the presidency seat. A Sunni Muslim would hold the premiership and a Shi’a Muslim would hold the speakership. By diving the positions up to the power families it gives deep roots to Lebanon’s religious groups. The agreement to share the power was formally called the National Pact in 1943. These transformations disputed the dynamics of power between the older ruling families and undercut the authority of the state. An uprising in Sunni Muslim social forces brought an increased labor movement and a deprived Shi’a peasantry, which stood up against the ruling families.

The Lebanese national movement constituted the new social forces. The goals of this group were expressed in 1975 to diminish the political monopoly, to destroy the government sections, and to change the Lebanese state into a democratic one. This program showed the desires of the non Maronite Christian and

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