Israeli Security Concerns

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Abstract The following essay takes a realist approach to the issue of Israel's refugee problem. The essay addresses the security issue of the 'Right of Return 'where more than 4 million Palestinian termed refugees clamor to return to their homes that they were displaced from during the 1948 war. Whilst Palestinians demand the right to return to their Israeli-located homes under the right of United Nations General Assembly article 11 of Resolution 194, Israelis fear the displacement of their state by a huge and exponential number of Palestinian refugees returning. The essay summarizes historical points that constitute the problem. Analysis of the problems shows that the traditional definition of 'refugee' has been corrupted to suit UNRWA agenda where the refugee number has grown and will continue to grow to absurd lengths. One policy therefore recommends that the UN amend this definition to reflect a more solid reality. An alternate policy recommends that the UNRWA be replaced by its more affective predecessor, the UNHRCA. The essay, too, recommends that America work in amending this change since by so doing America will be assisting her own terrorist problem. Table of contents A "Realistic" Approach to Regional Security in Israel Why the USA should care Key Issues to be Resolved The Issue of 'Right of Return' Refugees Introduction: Historical points: The Refugee Issue at the Moment Analysis of 'Refugee' Policy An alternate policy recommendation for the refugee
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