Israel’s Revolution: From Waste to Resource

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With governmental laws and so many new methods, these problems are being addressed; however, it is in the hands of the people in all of these countries that could make the biggest difference in helping to restore their land. With the rise of industries and mountains of waste that is being buried into land and water that was once clean, the problems with air and water pollution continue to rise. This is a problem in Israel that has been addressed for so many years and has yet to be diminished.
With foreign enemies surrounding the perimeter of the land, Israel has always been a country where survival plays a significant role. While the foreign threat to Israel’s safety is an important issue, fundamental environmental dilemmas have taken a backseat. A few days ago on Yom Ha’atzmaut we celebrated Israel’s 66th year of being an Independent state. For a majority of these 66 years, we have worked hard in keeping Israel’s land secure. A lot of people are unaware of the harmful effects in Israel’s environment, and how it affects the country politically, socially, and economically. The reality of global warming and environmental destruction is familiar to countries all around the world, and is a growing concern not only in Israel. With the help of news media and political outlets, people…
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