Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra (Ipo) Was Formed In 2000,

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Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) was formed in 2000, and it became a non-profit organization in February 2012, with a board comprising of 9 members. The mission of the orchestra is to “to providing qualified youth and experienced adults from Issaquah and surrounding communities an opportunity to perform symphonic music; to foster music education in the community; and to contribute to the enhancement of the performing arts in Issaquah.” (“Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra,” n.d.), and it performs 3 public concerts a year, since November, 2003.
This case study analyzes the effectiveness of the IPO board as a team, using a list of 10 performance measures to evaluate teams. The 10 measures are based on 3 quantitative measures, and 7
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In Organizational Behavior, team effectiveness is determined by performance (achieving intended results) and viability (members satisfied with team experience and willing to continue contributing to team effort). (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013, p. 304).
Characteristics of effective teamwork include clear purpose, informality, participation, listening, civilized disagreement, consensus decisions, open communication, clear roles and work assignments, shared leadership, external relations, style diversity, and self-assessment. (p. 307), and high performance teams have attributes which includes participative leadership, shared responsibility, aligned on purpose, high communication, future focused, focused on task, creative talents, and rapid response. (p. 323)
In addition, some industry articles suggested the following criteria for effective teams: diversity, clear goal, effective communication, trust, ownership, job competencies, leadership competencies, morale, and operations metrics (“Characteristics,” n.d.; “Evaluation Criteria,” n.d.).
Diversity is important to mitigate two threats to group effectiveness. First, the Asch Effect, distortion of individual judgement by a unanimous but incorrect opposition. (p. 290). Second, Group think, when in a cohesive in-group, members strive for unanimity and override their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action. (p. 292).

From the above sources of team

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