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Brittany Baron Professor Brinker English 1190 30 November 2010 Problems in the U.S.A Today Out of all the things going on in our world today, I find that our human interest naturally draws us automatically toward the unusual or what's not normally excepted, valued, or understood. It's more of how we were taught when we were kids or how we were raised in specific environments that sets us apart from every one, everywhere else. The issues I have connected are: legalizing marijuana, medical heroine, and the widening acceptance of Ritalin. I have looked at each issue individually and also looked at them together in different orders or groups to see what issues led to another more easily or in a more direct fashion. As a whole I…show more content…
Just the mixture of fentanyl with heroine alone leads to multiple deaths in the Detroit area alone every year. It's sad to think that an addict could be looking for a fix so they weren't sick, and ended up dying because of some fentanyl-cut-drug. With the issue being as large-at-hand as it is, maybe this should be broadcast across the news and have the country vote or decide on what is right to do or not to do. We as Americans should be willing to help out our brother and sister American citizens that are in need, especially since we have no problem sending millions of dollars over seas to help other countries with their problems when they don't involve us at all. Finally, the growing acceptance of Ritalin: is it taking over our country? According to Jessica, Ritalin itself helps control the central nervous system, relieves repulsive behaviors', and aids levels of transmitters. These seem to be good symptoms' and all until she explained that the drug was being given to kids as young as 3-5years old. When she went further on to explain what exactly this drug was for, it came to me as if the symptoms these 3-5 year olds were being diagnosed with, could possibly be just any young kid acting out or being themselves for that matter. Just like any other drug such as Tylenol or Advil, on the back of the bottle they have directions or explanation of age(s)
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