Issue Guide Summary : Terrorism

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Issue Guide Summary: Terrorism
In the beginning of issue guide it summarizes the Terrorist attacks of September 11th. How it set off of a chain of events and questionable efforts to deal with what occurred that day. The article explains after the attacks on the world trade center, our nation lost comfort in thinking our state of security was actually secure, that we were vulnerable. The government gave false impression to citizens that to overcome what happened that day was to come together, to show the strength and our allegiance to the U.S. This wasn’t an approach to deal with the issue but a distraction to what was really going on.
Further into article are three approaches in which each one describes basically an approach to deal with global terrorism. Approach one suggest that with Terrorist threats, “We must use every means at our disposal and every necessary weapon of war to defeat the global terror network”. The reasoning behind this approach is that U.S. may have made a much bigger threat to its own country by not recognizing the dangers of terrorism from groups such Al Qaeda and its leaders like Bin laden, and never taking action. The U.S. government persuades aggressively of how much of a threat we face and the capabilities of terror groups. That we must take violent actions in order to “resolve” and protect ourselves by using any disposable weapon and military.
The second approach describes an approach to increase our national security. That we should increase…
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