Issue Relating to Violence Abuse Against Women and Children within Family

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Issue relating to violence abuse against women and children within family The issue that I am exploring As increasing number of women are gaining more rights globally as well as their economic power. However, domestic violence, especially violence against both women and children from associated partner remaining a broad issue that need to be addressed. Public health studies indicated that a large number of people have the experience of witnessing varies degree of violence within the family. I believe that when speaking of family violence, there is a picture that comes out of our mind. It usually started with a quarrel between the parents, the husband and wife had some sort of disagreement, and the man gradually lost his patience and…show more content…
The most extreme case would be murdering. WHO reported that 38% of murdering of women is conducted by intimate partners. Other than the case above, other significant damages would be disability, functional disorder, delusional disorder, despondent, etc. The general feelings of victims would be fear, depression, avoidance, suspicious, and the duration of those emotions would depend on the degree or means of the violence conduction, the victim’s education background, their social status and numbers of other factors. Not only women and children, men can be victims as well. But their experiences during violence are different. Men tend to bury their thoughts deep in the heart; it means they would rather be silent than speak out. Most likely men are mental victims in violence compared to women. Overall, speaking of the size, women and children are still the main victim in terms of domestic violence. Discussion over the issue To understand the origin of domestic violence, the first thing I think is to identify universal factors causing violence. According to the research, four major concerns are listed as below: economic living conditions, traditional gender attitudes towards women, authoritarian parenting, and a general tolerance of violent behavior in a given society. The research found that in rural area with relatively low economic condition, women tend to have larger exposure to

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