Issue Within Treadway Tire Company: A Case Study

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Case study analysis Treadway Tire Company is a supplier of tires to organizations that are original equipment manufacturer as well as tire markets and at the same time selling Treadway Primo, performance and private tire brands. Just like any organizations Treadway tire companies' faces various challenges including the increased prices of raw materials they need as well as a rise in competition globally. Apart from this there are also various personnel challenges that the organization faces such as an increased rates of foremen turnover within then organization as compared to other plants that are within the same division. This was due to some various morale issues that have been showing face particularly in the line-foreman segment that was slowly going to the entire plant. The issue within Treadway tire company The main issue came about due to the fact that there are two types of workers within the organization, the hourly workers and those workers who are salaried. These hourly workers were part of the United Steelworkers that had been merged with the United Rubber Workers. There were various stipulations made by the union contracts including job classification, rates of pay, schedules for the increments of pay, working overtime rates, benefits, the safety and health standards as well as addressing any grievances that the hourly employees might have in the plant. These hourly line production employees are under the supervision of the line- foremen and this is where the

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