Issue for Modern College Students

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Running head: ISSUES FOR MODERN COLLEGE STUDENT Issues for Modern College Students Paul J. Matthie Excelsior College Student 1 ISSUES FOR MODERN COLLEGE STUDENT 2 Abstract There are many problems that the modern college student faces. Some of the issues are issues of costs and financial aid, balancing work/school/family, access to technology. When the professor gave the assignment. I got a writer's block. I took my military background, and I found out three issues I think the modern college would have. The first one is time management. Everyone struggles with time management, juggling work with homework. The second one is finical issues. Whenever you start something new you want to know how much is it going to cost…show more content…
1) If college students are worried about finical how can concentrate on their studies. When doing more research on the issue with a modern college student, I found that access to technology could be another problem. “It is always easier to do your homework” (Beltz p.1) at home. If you do not have the internet at home, it would be hard to log on and check your assignment. You can always go to a buddy's house and try to do it there. I do not see that working out. Typically if you go to a friend's house, you want to hang out and do something. You could go to the mall or somewhere, where they have free Wi-Fi. The issue I see there is it will be unsecured and people can know what you are doing. Usually, there are a lot of individuals on the internet there, and it draws down the bandwidth. You need to go there during their operating hours. Another place you could go is the library. Yes, it is quite, and they have a few computers, and the speed of the internet is not bad. Another place you could go to is an internet café. It has the same features as a ISSUES FOR MODERN COLLEGE STUDENT library except it is not always quite there. Both of these locations you would need to go during the operating hours. You would also need to pay for the internet services. 5 ISSUES FOR MODERN COLLEGE STUDENT Reference Beltz, E. (n.d.). Moon Links. Retrieved July 04, 2016, from Sheehy, K.
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