Issue of Tibet Essay

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Issues of Tibet “The Chinese are practicing cultural genocide in Tibet” (Tofani 3). The quotation said by the Dalai Lama accurately describes what exactly is going on in Tibet. The issue in Tibet and the so called “cultural genocide” coined by the Dalai Lama can be briefly explained by the specifics on the problem in Tibet, the causes of the problem which is embedded into Tibet’s history of invasion and oppression, and the various solutions and relief groups dedicated to freeing Tibet. The torture inflicted on the Tibetan people are shown through the examples of torture inflicted on individuals from Tibet and the ignorance and laws China enforces onto to Tibet which in turn hurts Tibet. In Tibet, there are many instances of torture…show more content…
The ignorance that the Chinese have towards Tibet include the lack of recognition for the name of Tibet, the language issue in Tibet, the relocation of the Chinese people to Tibet, the religious differences and the targeting of religious figures in Tibet by law. The Chinese government doesn’t even recognize the name of Tibet, calling the area Xizang, meaning the western side (“Tibetans Not Seeking `Greater Tibet’: Dalai Lama.” 1). The Chinese authorities have forced the teachers to teach Chinese in Tibet where the Tibetan language was once the only language taught (Tofani 3). As described by Sonam Dolkar, a seamstress, “We are a minority in our own country. We are in our own country speaking a different language. It makes me very angry. There is no inner peace among Tibetans now” (Tofani 5). Dolkar described the relocation of the Chinese people into Tibet, which literally turned the Tibetans into a minority in their own country. While Tibet is an intensively religious country, China is primarily an atheist country, making it harder to the Tibetans to follow the law (Tofani 6). The Chinese intentions in Tibet are revealed through Jamphel Tsering, one of the many who was tortured by the Chinese. “First they want to eliminate the monks and the nuns because we’re politically active. Then they want to grind down the rest of the population. They’re trying to destroy our whole culture and our
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