Issues Affecting Communication in the Workplace

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This essay will focus primarily on three main issues that can undermine effective communication namely cultural diversity, emotions and language (Robbins et al. 2011 p.331). The importance of feedback in an organisation to improve communication would also be reviewed (Iyer & Israel 2012 p. 55). Through feedback received, communication unveils opportunities to improve the individual and general performances of the organisation (Daneci-Patrau 2011 p. 496). Communication in an organisation comprises of many dimensions spanning formal and informal means of internal communication and external communications (Iyer & Israel 2012 p. 52). Communication is an ongoing process in which feelings, ideas, values and perceptions are transferred…show more content…
Communication breakdown occurs when the message is not fully understood by the receiver. Breakdowns occur in situations when messages are distorted or blocked in some ways (Alger, Delahunty & Diamantopoulos 1997). These breakdowns are of major concern to the organisation as it may cost them both time and money (Alger, Delahunty & Diamantopoulos 1997). The first undermining factor we will be looking at is culture. Cultural diversity in the workplace is increasingly growing as most organisations today are multicultural in nature (Robbins et al. 2011). Culture is dynamic and a constantly changing in nature over time (Dwyer 2009). Communication barriers can also arise from different languages spoken, values and customs of individuals from various ethnic backgrounds. (Robbins, DeCenzo, Coulter &Woods 2011, p.331). Culture refers to the norms, beliefs, customs, ethics, codes, mores, values, sentiments, behaviour and attitudes of individuals in a society (Kumar & Chakravarthi 2009). The more common the culture between two people, the greater the likelihood of achieving mutual understanding and effective
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