Issues Americans Cannot Understand: The Federal Reserve and the Economy

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Over the last 3 years the United States has seen an incredible flux in the economy from an all time high, to the lowest position since the Great Depression. Many Americans have no idea why or how these cycles affect their everyday lives, most importantly, they do not understand how the government intervenes to control these issues. Most people cannot comprehend the complexity of the United States banking system, how the Federal Reserve (FED) controls interest rates, the way our currency works, inflation, credit, etc… This is just a small list from a plethora of topics, that American’s are under-educated, and these are issues that we all need to face at some point in our lives. Rather than explaining each of these issues in detail, it …show more content…
However, these mortgages required no income verification, or resources to pay for the mortgage, as long as they signed the mortgage papers. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac were the lending arms that provided the money. Both are now government run, but formerly were privately held companies, unlike Ginnie Mae, which is fully backed by the government. When the homeowners could no longer pay their mortgages, the house of cards collapsed. With the lack of education in this country, the middle and lower class were greatly affected by the government’s intervention in Mortgage rates. The subprime mortgage crisis can be blamed for much of this country’s economic problems, but we don’t need to point fingers at what went wrong, we need to address the problems and find solutions.
There are several issues that need to be addressed, to help solve this foreclosure crisis. The first issue is how the banks were clearly misled by the government, in a sense, that they approved clients for home loans they could not afford. They then took advantage of the late payments, and increased interest rates. We have seen firsthand what happens when people take advantage of the uneducated, ultimately everyone fails. We as a society need to stop dwelling on failure, stop preventing bankruptcy, and rather reward success through government guarantees. The United States government has already pumped billions of dollars into the US banks, but the money is not being used the way it was
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