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“Advocacy Groups Propose Body Camera Guidelines.” Issues & Controversies. Infobase Learning, 15 May 2015. Web. 2 Nov. 2016
The central argument in this source is the guidelines set by advocacy groups detailing things law enforcement should meet when it comes to body cameras. A type of evidence that supports the argument is the listed ways with detailed information to help make sure officers body cameras are used to enhance civil rights. It is a document to help improve transparency and prevent instances of police brutality by making sure officers know they are being recorded.
The information in this document is reliable because it was written by 34 valid organizations—including the National Association for the Advancement
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police departments use appropriate force when dealing with the public?" Issues & Controversies, Infobase, 3 Aug. 2016. Accessed 26 Sept. 2016.
The central argument in this source is if officers use proper force on minorities. When it comes to intense situations with civilians, specifically minorities, officers have shown to use more force, in the past and present. Evidence that supports the argument is the stated history of police brutality in minority communities like, the wave of riots in the late 1960s triggered by police arrests and shootings of Black Americans. The information given in this passage is reliable because it does give both sides of the argument of police brutality. It is not biased in the sense that everything is stated facts and gives the readers an opportunity to put things together themselves. One of the strengths in this article is that it sticks to facts and history that can be traced and backed up. One of the weaknesses is that it takes a lot of logos but does not always add in much pathos or ethos. This article is a secondary source because it uses other primary and secondary sources as references. All the information given in this article is very useful to the topic of police brutality by goes into depth with the history of it and connects it with the reality we live in
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"Why I'm Black, Not African American." The Blair Reader, edited by Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell, 9th ed., Boston, Pearson, 2017, pp. 305-07.
The central argument in this source is about why African-American people should just be called Black people. It discusses the reasoning behind Black people in America still being called African-Americans as if they still have to prove that they are Americans. McWhorter talks about his experience with the two simple words “African American”.
The information is given in “Why I’m Black…” is reliable because it comes straight from McWhorter’s mind. It is biased for it just shares his thoughts and not every Black United States citizens. His weakness is that he keeps referring to his thoughts and does not add to other factual evidence. It is an opinion piece.
It may have been written by McWhorter himself, but it is not a primary source. The article “Why I’m Black…” was not a historic event or document. It was simply a man putting his thoughts down. He used primary sources like textbooks to get all his factual evidence down. McWhorter makes an argument on the treatment of Black people which ties into the reasoning of police brutality towards
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