Issues And Trends Of College And Career Readiness

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Issues and Trends of College and Career Readiness
And Online and Blended Learning
The purpose of this paper is to inform the audience of two current trends that are affecting administrators, educators, and students within adult and career education. The topics that will be discussed throughout this paper are career and college readiness and online and blended learning. Both of these topics are very influential within our education today. The majority of our high school students are not prepared to go to college or begin a career and there are ways in which we, as teachers, can prepare our students to be ready for their futures. Also, online and blended learning is becoming more prominent within our education field. In blended learning classes the students are still able to attend classes but they have some aspects of the class to be completed online. Throughout this paper we will look at the philosophical, social, economic, political, demographic, and diversity of college and career readiness and online and blended learning.
Literature Review In the sections to follow we will discuss the findings from different types of literature for college and career readiness and online and blended learning. College and career readiness (CCR) prepares students in both middle and high school for college and career. CCR allows teachers to teach students information on how to prepare for college by filling out applications, writing effective notes, and studying. It
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