Issues And Underlying Problems Of Ontario 's Healthcare System

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1.1. Issues and Underlying Problems
There are currently a number of seemingly irresolvable issues plaguing Ontario’s healthcare system. For one thing, the system is characterized by rising costs and reduced government spending which stem from critical public perception. There is also a prominence of fraudulent claims and spending that can be attributed to a lack of transparent and shared data, as well as administrative errors. Moreover, this lack of shared data is facilitating double-dosing and prescription drug abuse. Furthermore, medical errors are claiming the lives of a striking number of patients as there is no centralized source for collecting data about faulty medical equipment. Security of patient data is also a growing concern and the lack of secure encryption software and the amount of data transfer over unprotected networks should be minimized. Limited data integration reduces optimization possibilities resulting in notoriously long wait times and an ever-growing lack of family physicians. The underlying cause surrounding all of these issues can be attributed to an overarching lack of shared data and integration is due to the provinces mishandling of contract awards, resulting in a subpar return on digital investments.
1.2. Proposed Business
Many of the issues with Ontario’s healthcare system revolve around the decentralized and fragmented process of collecting and accessing patient data. Healthify aims to solve these issues with the innovative SaaS
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