Issues Concerning Adult Students Today

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This literature review investigates and outlines issues concerning adult students today. Institutions of higher education need to design and adapt their programs to attract and engage this growing population of students to meet their needs and insure their success. This paper will defines who adult students are, discusses and outline the specific needs they have in higher education programs and discusses the barriers they currently encounter. In addition, there will be discussion about best practices to consider, those currently in operation and future concerns for both students and universities. For clarification going forward, I will use the terms non-traditional student, adult student, adult learner, non-residential student and nontraditional learner interchangeably. The growth of the adult student population in higher education requires programs that address and support their specific needs.
In January 2012, I returned to JMU after leaving in May of 1982. I began to attend classes on campus in fall 2012. In one of my classes, my professor continually stressed how important it was to engage in the campus community and involved in campus organizations. He really stressed that employers like to see this quality when interviewing candidates. Of course, I began to become concerned because I was not able to do this. My commute from Waynesboro was 35 minutes away and I did not have access to the campus except when I was there for classes. Another professor
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