Issues Concerning Human Trafficking And The Rights Of Its Victims

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Issues Concerning Human Trafficking
Stotts and Ramey stated in their journal: “Human trafficking involves millions of people, most of whom are female and half of whom are minors (U.S. Department of State, 2006). Described as a form of modern-day slavery (Bales & Lize, 2005), human trafficking profoundly violates the rights of its victims. Human trafficking is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing businesses of organized crime (United Nations, 2002).Bales and Lize (2005) explained that human trafficking is a means by which people are brought into, as well as maintained in, slavery and forced labor. These authors described human trafficking as the actual process of enslavement”(Stotts and Ramey, 1). Human trafficking is a violation to the whole community of human on the Earth. It destroys the well-developed human society. It is the new slavery of modern time, trading African slaves are not allowed nowadays, but people still getting trade up all around the world even legally. It is one of the most organized crime. The demand for cheap slaves is encouraging the human trafficking to grow faster and faster every year. Human trafficking is a phenomenon that happens around us every day, people are labeled with price as animals. Human trafficking is a global problem that is dangerous, detrimental, and an ever expanding issue that Governments are racing to solve(Stotts).
Human trafficking is not a common word that hear every day, but it has become a common sin that happens
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