Issues Faced By Indigenous Peoples

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Issues Facing Indigenous Peoples in Canada

The Department has a mandate to support Indigenous peoples in their pursuit of healthy and sustainable communities and broader economic and social development objectives. It provides funding for programs, services and initiatives to First Nations, Inuit and northern communities and governments, as well as to Indigenous and Metis organizations. The Departmental priorities are aligned with the issues that are most important to Indigenous peoples. The following are some of the more prominent issues facing First Nations in BC.

Strong, Self-sufficient Indigenous Communities:

A country’s success is built on strong communities. Investing in communities is not only about creating jobs and economic growth; it is also about building communities people are proud to call home. Communities should be safe, self-sufficient and provide a variety of services to their members. With targeted investment in land, economic development, community infrastructure, support for First Nations governance structures, and focus on the environment, the Government of Canada will support Indigenous communities to achieve these goals.

Housing shortages, overcrowded and sub-standard housing have long been an issue on reserve Canada wide. In the last years, the issues have been greatly exacerbated by deteriorating sewer and water systems and lack of funding for repairs. Homes on reserve are commonly plagued by mold, drinking water and waste water systems
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