Issues Facing America

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Issues facing America America is among the super powers in the world but this does not prevent it from having problems. Just like other Nation's America struggles with some issues. The list of the problems is endless however there are some issues that are of importance as compared to others. Therefore these issues should be recognized and addressed as such. Among these issues are; the upward transfer of wealth. Since 1970's there has been a continuous trend of the rich getting richer as the middle class and poor remain in their states with no change whatsoever. This has been a continuous process; approximately 90% of the gains that are realized from the years of economic recovery go only to the 1% which is the rich in the society. The other 99% do not gain from this and that is why they remain as they are whether the economy has recovered or remains the same (Darkworld, 2013). This is not a pleasant trend and can be termed as being disastrous and is against the wishes of the great American's who made America what it is today. As the rich get richer, they find out new ways of enriching themselves more but the wealth they make goes nowhere. As they have a lot of money sitting in financial instruments they become richer but this does nothing to the economy rather it influences the economy negatively. The solution to this problem would be the disallowing of interstate banking along with other laws and regulations which allow money to circulate locally instead of the money
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