Issues In Health Care Policy

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Health care improvements in the United States can be accomplished in several ways including the implementation of health care policies. Health care policies are often comprised of rules, guidelines and actions set forth to improve certain health care issues (Health policy, 2017). During the policy formation process agenda are set outlining the issues to be addressed in the policy. The policies intended target audience may receive many benefits such as receiving education on the issue, learning intended goals of the policy in addition to hearing supporting and opposing viewpoints. Utilizing information gained throughout this process may lead to a stronger policy that may gain the support needed to be signed into law and perceived…show more content…
Reducing paperwork, administrative costs, decreasing fraud and gaining efficiency through the use of electronic transmission are examples of the results expected in this portion of the policy. Prior to this legislation, patient information was exchanged rather freely utilizing a paper process without definitive guidelines. Changing the way health care information was shared with providers, hospitals and insurance companies prompted establishing new patient privacy protection standards to negate the security risks inherent to this technology. Research conducted suggested that moving to the electronic transmitting of health care data had the potential to reduce administrative costs, increase efficiency however must include provisions to protect patient’s privacy.
Prior to this legislation an employee with a chronic medical condition such as diabetes could be denied coverage or experience a lengthy laps in coverage. It was argued that many Americans were unable to change jobs due to the fact that an illness that they had may not be covered under the new employer’s coverage plan consequently resulting in stunted professional growth opportunities. This legislation attempted to close the gap on the millions of Americans that were denied medical insurance due to their current or previous health status.
Stakeholders in the HIPPA act such as the general public, insurance companies, providers, hospitals and
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