Issues In My Writing

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While I like to read, writing has never been one of my favorite things. I never write because I had a passion for it, or for pleasure. I can recall in high school, whenever there was something where I was required to write more than one page I will felt discouraged. Writing should come as second nature, because after all it is putting words we speak on paper, but whenever I have to put words on paper I encounter certain issues. I have three issues when whenever I write. Documenting in-text citation and reference is a very important aspect when writing academically. I noticed that even though I have the general idea of citation and referencing I still have a lot to learn. I always want to give credit where it is due to avoid plagiarism. Being used to citing and in different format it gets confusing now…show more content…
I even write a sentence that fills an entire paragraph sometimes with no punctuations. Most of the times I know exactly what I want to write, but writing it can seem a bit difficult. Although this might be how the words flow as I write, one of the good things about writing is that one can always edit their work before the reader gets a hold of it. Sometimes I struggle with starting of my paper; brain storming and ideas can be very difficult especially if I am press for time, but once I get started I will be just fine. According to prewriting: From Mess to Masterpiece (pg.5) listing when one brain storm is a good way to remember and this a technique I apply when writing. I have had issues with my tone and the audience before and it is not very professional and attractive. I’ve written before and was not to clear on my audience on what exactly I was talking about. I assume that the audience knew what and who I was talking about. I got so comfortable that I used slangs, everyday colloquialism and not use third person. I used big words and forgot that writing is not to impress but it is to
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