Issues Influencing The Society Today

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There are numerous issues influencing the society today. In fact, it is quite shocking that they keep on increasing as time goes by. Moreover, most of these social issues are perpetuated through the people’s strive for superiority. For instance, racism keeps on escalating due to the fact that some races want to prove their dominance over the rest. Consequently, the parties involved in such scenarios end up being either the victim or perpetrator. Charlotte Perkins Gilman illustrates the state of the society; whereby gender inequality has become the new normal. In her analysis, the society has become degraded to a point that the men are superior, actually too superior over the women. This has been evident through some of the roles allocated…show more content…
In point of fact, women have to endure and overcome a lot of obstacles so as to achieve what men have managed to without struggle. Inequality is not only exhibited through the roles allocated to them, but also in payment, an act which has led to the emanation of the gender wage gap. These issues have also escalated in religion. Religiously inspired gender inequality is usually manifested through the privileges and opportunities which are granted based on an individual’s gender. Specifically, gender inequality has been made apparent in religion through the gendered institutions, gendered identities, gendered interactions, and gender ideologies. Patriarchal church leaderships are clear signs of how deep gender inequality has been integrated into religion (Shepard 413). Women are given less leadership roles compared to men, and sometimes are not even considered at all in any decision making process. Such acts are clear indicators of how gender inequality is negatively affecting the society. Actually, it is quite saddening that even the most respected aspects of the society (such as religion) are participating in these ‘tainted’ acts. Religion is meant to enforce religious-based norms and morals, and in fact, it should be rock-steady in the fight against gender equality. Thus, as per Gilman’s analysis, the human society in general has been tarnished through gender related issues. Most women

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