Issues Involved When You Try to Take a Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management and Development

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This essay is going to define strategic human resource management and development (SHRM/D) and briefly mention why this concept is important for organizations, I will then briefly mention other underlying concepts about strategic people management, and then go to the core of the essay and discuss the issues that are involved when we try to take a strategic approach to human resource management and development(HRM/D).Lastly I shall conclude by giving the extent to which my organization’s experience agrees to the issues discussed. PostBank Uganda (PBU) which I work for is a government owned bank and all my illustrations will be drawn from therein. SHRM as defined by Armstrong (2008:33-35) is an approach that defines how the…show more content…
This means that the HR has to be unique in all aspects. For example in PBU we have been training staff in customer care skills in order for them to serve customers right, however every other bank does so and we therefore decided to incorporate an element of positive attitude change in that training giving us an advantage over other people who are only training customer care. Strategic fit: This concept emphasizes that there should be congruence between HR strategies and the organizations environment. It can be perceived in terms of vertical and horizontal integration of HR strategies and corporate strategies. This is in agreement with Wright and McMahan (1992) cited by Armstrong (2008:38) Strategic Flexibility: This concept emphasizes the fact that in order to get the best out of people the organization should be sensitive to its competitive environment and it should
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