Issues Involved with Resuscitation of People Who Have Passed

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Issues Involved with Resuscitation of People Who Have Passed Worldwide the stories of what happens after a person comes back from the brink of death have fascinated people since time began. It appears there is so much more that we just don’t see. We see images in paintings, and some that are centuries old, all over the world of people and animals’ passing through what appears to be a tunnel hurling helplessly toward a bright light. Some paintings depicting death are angelic and beautiful and some range all the way to the macabre and bizarre. One thing that remains a constant in this depiction of “going toward the light” seems to be the stories that the people of recent times who have returned from the light bring back with them.…show more content…
Undisputedly all of us are going to face our mortality and Dr. Kenneth Ring explains that “From a social perspective, we know that each one of us will one day face our moment of death. Therefore, it is imperative that we provide scientific answers to the question of what happens when we die.” (Ring 11) But the problem is we just don’t know the answers to these questions. Is the brain really dead or do we live on in the form of what we term a spirit? Finally there is a new study underway that is called Aware, an acronym for Awareness During Resuscitation. Founded by Dr. Sam Parnia, the AWARE study seeks to discover whether “out-of-body experiences” really happen and, if so, how resuscitation practices can be improved so that more people can be revived after being pronounced clinically dead. Dr. Parnia was asked a series of questions about what clinical death is and what happens when we die. I wonder about the ethics of this statement. “From a medical point of view, latest discoveries have provided doctors with the ability to push back the boundaries of death and reverse the process of death once it has started. With ever improving scientific discoveries, we will be able to bring even more people back to life from clinical death. In order for the medical profession to treat its patients more appropriately and to address many of the ethical dilemmas that arise from medical and

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