Issues Of Modern Society 's Racial Discrimination

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Andy Xiao ASTU 100A February 8th, 2016 Issues of Modern Society’s Racial Discrimination Is the society’s draconian attendance towards the people of distinguishable race a fair measure of precaution or an act of discrimination? In the society we live in today, the enactment of racial bias has made a monumental impact, shaping many individuals ' lives by default. However, is it fair for the innocent individuals to be shrouded with the burden of being a particular ‘race’? After witnessing, the incident of Ferguson, I became dreadfully discontented to discovered that people today have self-established the immense belief that people of color are the primary cause of danger, and therefore, they must be regarded as hazardous creatures. Moreover, the reason triggering the detrimental policing was due to the color of the victims, illustrating the ugly truth of racial profiling still remains intact to our society. Although racial profiling and prejudice are disavowed publicly by Americans, many statistics and research on implicit racial bias debated the citizens of the United States still perceive a person 's physical in determining their likeliness to committee crime (Bornstein, Avram). Unfortunately, it is ingrained in today’s society that institutional structures demonstrate persistent inequality and unequal distribution of societal resources (White, Rob).
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