Issues Of The Modeling Industry

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Issues in the Modeling Industry Fashion is everything to society and the media, but everyone wants to look good while feeling beautiful in their own way. Everyone believes that fashion is an easy, fashionable, and sophisticated style. Today, the modeling industry has become negative for older and younger women. The people in the industry do not prefer unhealthy body images such as pictures of overweight women. Women suffer from depression and anxiety. The modeling industry has been very harmful towards women in America. It effects women by not achieving a healthy, being strong, and confident body image regardless of shape and size. Having a skinny body is very important in the modeling industry. Bigger women always get turned down. This makes them feel unhealthy and not as beautiful as the other women that are modeling. The hard part for models is to keep their weight down to a certain number, otherwise, they are not allowed to model anymore. Today, in America many women are suffering from eating disorders, and other negative behaviors which make women do things to their body that they should not do. Men are attracted to healthy women regardless if the woman is older. Most modeling agencies prefer skinny women because they believe having smaller women as models would attract men there to support them. The media thinks being overweight is ugly which is unfair for bigger women because women of any size should be able to model. The media shows thin women on television
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