Issues Regarding the Noynoy Aquino Administration

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ISSUES REGARDING THE NOYNOY AQUINO ADMINISTRATION There are a lot of issues faced by our dear President Benigno Aquino III or simply known as PNoy. 1. Qualification on the Position First, let's admit the fact that he wasn't voted into office because of actual qualifications. He was a lackluster lawmaker in congress and didn't exactly make impressions in terms of his career. He coasted along until his mother died. Suddenly everybody thought it would be a good idea to vote him into office as president. It was what is expected of the son of the late Benigno and Cory Aquino, both great former presidents of the Philippines. He lacks charisma or even basic public speaking abilities. The media has a lot of bad comments especially when he…show more content…
Some are angry with the decision, believing that the Supreme Court has become politicized. Of the 15 justices, only one is not an appointee of Ms Arroyo, and of the 14 Arroyo appointees, 10 voted to kill EO 1. The public can easily see the majority’s decision as recognition of the justices’ debt of gratitude, which leads many to doubt the independence, integrity and impartiality of the highest court of the land. The efforts of the new administration to seek the truth and hold crooks accountable will always be blocked by the “Arroyo Supreme Court.” Now the question is – What is the option available for the Aquino administration? Some say Malacañang should file a motion for reconsideration but others see it as futile because the “Arroyo Court” is bent on protecting its patron. Others want to pursue a political path by impeaching Chief Justice Renato Corona, which may be too divisive. The most practicable course is to modify the executive order, addressing the defect pointed out by the Court. This way the Truth Commission can probe, at least on paper, corruption allegations against other previous administrations too, down to Aguinaldo’s revolutionary government, if it pleases the Arroyo Court. 4. K + 12 Program Education
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