Issues With Global Economic Agreement

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Issues with global economic agreement
This article takes the international trade policy as the main research object, and carries on the key research and the analysis to the performance effectiveness in the scope of this article. First it briefly introduces the regional and global trade agreements that I will examine. Then list the member nations, how the trade group formed, and the reasoning behind the agreement historically, politically, and economically.
I. Global Economic Organization - WTO defined.
The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international organization because of the benefits from the mutually binding commitments. Countries join the international system and sign the international trade agreement for the mutual benefit of all. This desire to work with other countries encourages the country to sign the international agreement which regulates trade practices, and ultimately maintains compliance with the policies of international trade. WTO was found in 1995, and took the place of the GATT. In 2015, Kazakhstan became the 162th member.
(how the trade group formed, and the reason for the agreement historically, politically and economically.)
II. Current Large Trade Agreements among countries in North America, Asia and Europe
The followings are current large trade agreements among countries in North America, Asia and Europe, includes NAFTA, APEC, ASEAN, EU, and etc.
I. Historical and political perspective on how the
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