Issues With Standardized Testing Essay

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The Issue with Standardized Tests Imagine you are a student, sitting at a common desk in a dull classroom. In front of you is an oversized timer seeming to dare you to feel the slightest bit of comfort in its presence. From atop your mountain of stress you stare intently at the standardized test that will have a say in your future as a student and as a functioning member of society. But despite your teacher’s plea for good test scores you start to wonder, do standardized tests effectively measure our abilities? Standardized tests do not effectively measure our abilities because they prevent teachers from individual teaching, do not reveal the true talents of students, and create the wrong curriculum for teaching.
To begin, standardized tests do not effectively measure our abilities because they prevent teachers from teaching students as individuals. To prepare students for the tests, teachers strive to teach all students the same amount of information in the same amount of
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They also allow students with advanced learning abilities to skip grades, and in certain situations are used as a communication device between teachers and students (“The Value of Standardized Testing”). So it may seem necessary to spend each day preparing students for their futures in education and life, right? As convincing as the benefits of standardized tests may seem, the disadvantages continuously outweigh the advantages. In fact, many teachers are growing weary of the countless lessons expected on standardized tests, causing some of the best educators to leave their once loved profession. Due to this, the average teaching career now ends at around 20 years (“The Washington Post”). With our educators leaving their chosen career path, our students are given substitutes, and their success rate
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