Issues and Challenges for Women Entrepreneurs in India

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More than ever before, Change is the only constant in life, especially so in industry, and as a consequence, tremendous opportunities are opening up for women entrepreneurs. It is true that the presence of women entrepreneurs is very low in India, but you can look at it as another great opportunity riding on this all-pervasive change – and not as an obstacle toughening the entry barrier further for women in industry. Barely a decade ago, had few people anticipated that the proportion of women in call centres and IT industry would rise to be what it is today? Similarly, women as entrepreneurs can be a game changer and change the rules of the
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There is an urgent need for changing the attitude towards women to bestow equal rights as enshrined in the constitution. The progress towards gender equality is slow and is partly due to the failure to attach money to policy commitments. In the words of former president Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam, "empowering women is a prerequisite for creating a good nation, when women are empowered, society with stability is assured. Empowerment of women is essential as their thoughts and their value systems lead to the development of a good family, good society and ultimately a good nation." When a woman is empowered, it does not mean that another individual becomes powerless or is having less power. On the contrary, if a women is empowered her competencies towards decision- making will surely influence her family's performance. In advanced countries, there is a phenomenon of increase in the number of self- employed women after the world war second. In USA, women own 25% of all business, even though their sales on an average are less than two-fifths of those of other small business. In Canada, women own one-third of small business; and, in France, it is one-fifth.

Concept of Entrepreneur
The concept of entrepreneur can be well understood by Dr. APJ Kalam’s portrayal of entrepreneur mentioned below: 1. Vision and pioneering spirit. 2. Being able to see possibilities where others do not. 3. Always searching for new opportunities

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