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Running head: VALUE CHAIN ISSUES Issues and Trends in the Global Value Chain Darryn Urueta University of Phoenix ISCOM 383 Pamela Harris December 5, 2011 Issues and Trends in the Global Value Chain Global trends are changing on a seemingly daily basis. Global economies are weakening and some companies are discouraged by the condition of terror threats that are occurring. These threats are changing the spending behavior of the average customer. Not only is the customer not purchasing because of the economy, but businesses face the threat of shipments not being secure or not arriving in a timely manner. To lower cost, and increase benefits, the lean Six Sigma approach will benefit companies by improving strategies and tactics.…show more content…
Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) was launched in November 2001, with just seven major importing companies. Currently over 7,400 companies in the global supply chain are enrolled in the program, including importers, customs brokers, terminal operators, carriers and foreign manufacturers. CBP’s C-STAT strategy is based on five goals” (Murray, 2011). These goals are ensure that C-TPAT partners improve the security of their supply chains pursuant to C-TPAT security criteria, provide incentives and benefits to include expedited processing of C-TPAT shipments to C-TPAT partners, internationalize the core principles of C-TPAT through cooperation and coordination with the international community, support other CBP security and facilitation initiatives, and improve administration of the C-TPAT program. The first goal signifies that profiles and information is secure. Terror threats against all ports of the globe are at an all-time high. The second goal of the Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism enacted security assessment programs and training for all. This will ensure that all personnel are knowledgeable and are properly trained in order to detect such terrorist threats. The third goal is communication. According to Murray, “Partnering with the international trade community to help secure global
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