Issues in Applied Finance Financial Planning Assignment: Questions & Answers

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AFIN310 Issues in Applied Finance Financial Planning Assignment: Questions & Answers
General Questions 1. Is an introduction / executive summary and conclusion required? No. You are to answer each question and keep to a total maximum of 15 pages, excluding cover page. No marks will be provided for anything written on page 16 or beyond. Students are recommended to refer to the mark allocation when answering each question. 2. Is specific formatting required? Eg The font you can use is Calibri, size 12. The document should have 1.5 spacing There are no specific formatting requirements, unless there are standard university or department formatting criteria of which students should be aware. 3rd year students are expected to submit assignments
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If a goal is obtain professional qualifications and then work overseas, then projections may include income while studying, cost of studies, impact of studies of lifestyle expenses, increase in salary once qualified, costs of overseas travel and initial living expenses. If your current situation includes children (or it is a goal in near future) then projections may include cost of child care/schooling, impact on family income for part time/nil work, government assistance. If goal is to better understand finances then goal may be to read specific list of books each year, keep finances in organised system.

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Projections will depend on your goals which will be different for each person. It is important you identify assumptions underpinning these projections and the assumptions used have a basis in reality. Eg assuming cash interest rate of 8% on savings next year is unrealistic given current cash rate. 7. Question 2(a) do the projections (5 and 10 years) need to be qualitative or quantitative. Relevant quantitative and/or qualitative analysis is expected of 3rd year students. The projections will depend on the goals identified and strategies developed. 8. Question 2(a) Do the projections need to be based on the information detailed

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