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Issues in Business Management and Economics Vol.1 (3), pp. 047-060, July 2013 Available online at © 2013 Journal Issues Original Research Paper The adoption of mobile phone: How has it changed us socially? Accepted 7 July , 2013 Augustine Addo Institute of Entrepreneurship and Finance, Department of Entrepreneurship and Finance, Kumasi polytechnic, P. O. Box 845, Kumasi, Ghana. Author Email: Tel: +233263928024 Mobile phone use has changed from a percieved item of luxury to an every day necessity for many people. This study therefore examined how the adoption of mobile phones has impacted in changing the behaviour and attitude of…show more content…
Despite drawbacks in technology upgrade, mobile usage continuous to rise for a variety of reasons depending on age group (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, 2012). Although the mobile phone market is the most vibrant for the years below 25, its usage is welcomed among all sections of the population from old age to office executives, homemakers and students (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, 2012). A quarter of the population, aged 18-24 are claiming that mobile phones are more important than TV, MP3 player and games console (Heeks, 2008). While under-25s are seen to use their mobile phones mostly for keeping in touch with their peers, parents use their mobile phones to keep tabs on their children, grandparents use theirs to bridge relationships with their grandchildren and working population use it to co-ordinate office work from home (Kushchu, 2007). It seems appropriate to analyze mobile phone usage with vigor comparable to that given to the internet. In Ghana there is little or no documented evidence of the social impact of mobile phone on social interactions and business. Given the importance of mobile communication, the study seeks to fill the void by seeking to find answers to the following question: what is influence of mobile phone on our social relationship and its impact on
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